Revealed: Leeds named as naked sleeping hotspot


Leeds has been revealed as a UK naked sleeping hotpot.

The city narrowly lost out to Manchester as the ‘Naked Sleeping Capital’ of the UK following research revealing where Britons are most likely to sleep in the buff.

According to the study, people who sleep without wearing anything also have a better night’s rest.

Sleeping naked can lead to a better night’s rest, according to the findings of a recent study by an interiors specialist. 3,162 people aged 18 and over from around the UK took part in the poll and answered questions about their sleeping habits. Respondents were asked to name the city that they lived closest to, so that researchers could uncover any geographical trends.

The team behind asked respondents what their usual night time attire was for sleeping. 49% of the people taking part confessed to sleeping completely naked most nights.

The most likely UK cities for naked sleepers to reside in, based on which locations these respondents lived in or closest to, were revealed as follows:

Manchester – 17%

Leeds – 15%

Cardiff – 11%

Glasgow – 10%

London – 9%

Nottingham – 8%

Birmingham – 7%

Bristol – 7%

York – 4%

Newcastle – 3%