Restaurant Review: Zed Bar, Chapel Allerton, Leeds

THIS bar excels where other don't because it achieves the feat of being a place to drink and eat. You might think this a given, particularly in Leeds.

But despite trying to juggle both balls there's still plenty of places where you'd only really go for a pint and a glass of wine, while others are essentially restaurants where you can't lounge around for hours sipping on your tipple of choice.

It might be the layout, the lighting, the relaxed table service or a combination of all three, but at Zed you can do what you like and do it inconspicuously.

So it was that we dropped in for a sherry or two then, after a couple of hours chatting, realised we were peckish (a few years ago this would have seen most people forced to leave and head for the chippy).

Waiting to take advantage of your rumbling stomach is a pretty extensive menu which offers you all the usuals: pasta, burgers, breakfasts, sandwiches and soups as well as one or two full-on dinners.

It's all remarkably tasty and well thought out. There are the classics on there as well as the occasional twist and altogether it's a judicious selection.

My dining partner went for the zingy chicken salad at 8.75 which was tasty but not the biggest in the world. My own main was very unimpressive, however.

I opted for the turkey meatballs with vegetables because it was included on the 'healthy' menu as low fat and, get this, a low GI rating as well.

Unfortunately, I'd rate it low on quality, as the meatballs (8.25) were tough and overcooked, with the outside so crispy you could tap them with your fork. They weren't particularly tasty or filling either, for that matter.

Which was a shame. The food took a while to arrive at the table as well, though service in general was very friendly and attentive.

The final bill, with a house salad was just under 22. Not the cheapest.

The overall experience was still very pleasant but based solely on food this particular trip to Zed was lacking. They must do better, and they usually are, but based on this meal the delivery is clearly inconsistent.

Rating 2/5

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