Restaurant Review: Medusa Bar, Horsforth

This place got off to a bit of a stumbling start when it, admirably, went for a fine-dining concept that this north Leeds town/suburb either wasn't ready for or just wasn't willing to embrace.

Then came a tapas offering, which didn't too well either and now, it seems, they've settled on something middle of the road. But it's middle of the road without being in any way average.

Little Oliver didn't expect too much when he popped into this Town Street bar, so was genuinely surprised by what he received.

There are several snacky dishes to choose from but the core of their lunchtime menu is a "Two items for a fiver" offering which means you can go in and get two items of food – a soup and a sandwich – or one item of food and a drink.

Given the good value this represents you might expect the quality to be, well, mediocre, but not at all. The cheese, tomato and basil sandwich came in ciabatta bread and all the ingredients were fresh and flavoursome.

The soup, meanwhile, was a thick sweet potato dish and clearly homemade. Delicious. We also went for the potato wedges in a mustardy, cheesy sauce. It was the only weak element since the wedges weren't quite crisp enough, but was still pretty good.

Overall it was a very tasty, very inexpensive lunch.

The whole experience was quite a treat, in fact. The bar formerly known as The Severed Head (always a rather harsh sounding name) has always been quite a cosy joint, filled with leather, dark wood and copper, where the only flaw was the food – a problem which has now, it appears, been fixed.

In fact they've gone further, they've devised a recession-busting offer to beat almost any other Little Oliver has spied in recent months, and they've done so without compromising on the product. Credit where it's due.

Star rating 4/5

Shilton Flynn.

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