Research reveals shock driving habits

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Young motorists are taking selfies, recording videos and updating their statuses on social media – all while behind the wheel, new research shows.

One in 10 new drivers in Yorkshire also admit to having broken the speed limit within 24 hours of passing their test.

Research by The Co-operative Insurance reveals that 10 per cent of drivers aged 25-30 said they update their status on Facebook and Twitter while driving.

Steve Kerrigan, the firm’s head of telematics, says that taking pictures or tweeting when behind the wheel is unacceptable and could have a “devastating” impact on pedestrians and other drivers.

He said: “Taking selfies and updating a social media status is simply not acceptable, or legal.

“When you pass your driving test, you naturally begin to develop your own driving style which in many cases is different to the style you drove to pass your test.

“However, drivers have a choice between driving courteously and safely, or making choices which could have a negative, even devastating, impact on other road users and pedestrians.”

Other bad driving habits include more than a quarter of drivers braking sharply and careering around corners.

The research also revealed that almost a third of motorists across the region believe 
they wouldn’t be able to pass their driving test if they took it today.

Mr Kerrigan added: “There is an understanding from drivers themselves that they generally have adopted bad driving behaviours.

“However, rather than simply acknowledge it they need to take action to drive safely for the benefit of other road users and the public. “

The Co-operative Insurance uses a Smartbox, which works like a Sat Nav, to record motorists’ driving styles.

It tests average speed, acceleration and braking and rewards safe drivers.