Reports of 'huge green meteor' seen in skies above Yorkshire

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A 'huge green meteor' has been caught on camera travelling across the skies over Yorkshire.

Reports are coming in of an unusual astronomical phenomenon being sighted over Leeds, Sheffield and Doncaster as well as various other parts of the county.

The object can be seen in this video below.

One Twitter user wrote: "Reports coming in of a bright green object/ meteor seen over the UK. It was huge by all accounts! #omgweareallgoingtodie"

Dale‏ @DaleofEurope said: "It was incredibly fast. I’m in Leeds but sightings also in Bristol and Aberdeen!"

Austin Pickering‏ added: "Spectacular doesn’t even come close to describing it"

A stock photo of the skies above Yorkshire (Photo: Charlotte Graham)

A stock photo of the skies above Yorkshire (Photo: Charlotte Graham)

Visit Doncaster tweeted: "Wow! Sensational celestial sights spotted over Doncaster. An amazing green meteor soared over the racecourse just now. Happy New Year to our followers, 2018 has to be a great one now now? #newyearsmeteor #doncasterisgreat #NewYearsEve"

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