Reindeers eat sprouts in winning writer Sophie’s world

Sophie Wrench.
Sophie Wrench.
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NINE-YEAR-OLD Sophie Wrench is the winner of the Yorkshire Evening Post’s Christmas story competition for her fun festive tale named ‘Sprouts’.

Her story was picked from around 100 entries by children from across the city after we suggested the start of a story and asked them to finish it.

The pupil at West End School, Horsforth, can now hit the Boxing Day sales and enjoy her well-deserved £50 voucher for Trinity Leeds.

In her light-hearted story Rudolph is having a day off and Santa is being helped by a reindeer who does not like carrots.

Rosie, the girl in the story, helps by bringing him some sprouts which - unlike many youngsters - he does like.

She thinks it is just a dream, but the next day her mum can’t find her bag of sprouts - much to Rosie’s delight. ‘Result,’ she says.

Writing the story was set as homework at her school, but it was suggested she enter the competition after it was marked.

Her mum Emma Wrench, from West End Rose, Horsforth, said: “I am really pleased. I think it will do her confidence the world of good. She was very keen to write it, it was a popular homework.”

Sophie said she couldn’t believe she had won and she was definitely going to write even more stories from now on. She is going to spend the money on a note book for her writing and new shoes.


Rosie snuggled up in her bed when she suddenly heard a noise, could it really be Father Christmas, she thought?

She looked out of the window and she saw a reindeer with a bright green nose. Then she saw a fat man with a red suit and a long white curly beard smiling straight back at her. He winked at her and disappeared. Two minutes later the door swung open and, looking at Rosie, Father Christmas smiled and said “is this can of Coke for me?”

Rosie was so shocked she said the first thing that came in to her head which was, “Why has Rudolph got a green nose - is feeling a bit sky sick?” Father Christmas laughed and explained it was Rudolph’s day off and the reindeer with the green nose was actually called Rolf.

“Problem is,” said Father Christmas, “everyone’s leaving carrots for Rudolf but Rolf doesn’t like carrots, he only likes sprouts.”

“That explains the green nose,” thought Rosie. Then she had a great idea. Rosie tiptoed down stairs, went into the kitchen, got the big bag of sprouts her mum had bought for Christmas dinner (yuck!) and gave them to Father Christmas.

The next morning, Christmas morning, Rosie woke up and smiled to herself as she remembered the crazy dream about Father Christmas and Rolf the green-nosed, sprout-eating reindeer.

Later that day as Rosie and her family were sitting down to Christmas dinner her mum said, “I’m really sorry but there are no sprouts this year. I’m sure I bought some but I can’t find them anywhere.”

“Result!” thought Rosie, “maybe Rolf wasn’t a dream after all.”