Refugee crisis: Letters pour in as YEP readers have their say on Leeds’ role in debate

Refugees in Greece
Refugees in Greece
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Letters about the refugee crisis engulfing Europe have flooded in to the YEP.

Here is a selection of letters from our readers on the topic.

Ashamed by English people and politicians

I have been ashamed today by both English people and politicians talking about “those migrants” (their terminology) as if they were scum.

I have seen racism right there on my TV screen as “ordinary” people are interviewed on the street or in TV studios stating the mantra “charity begins at home” and that helping overseas countries has a negative effect on vulnerable people here. Appalling the way this country has become in some quarters.

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Policy on migrants is not sustainable

The present outpouring of sympathy regarding the exodus of migrants from the Middle East that is bordering on mania won’t prevail.

This great movement of people can’t be sustained, yes, we all sympathise with these people, yet I feel that some European countries such as Germany and Austria are wrong.

What is needed is solutions for the Middle East in the Middle East, not in Europe.

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Respond to refugee crisis with charity

I am amongst many who are concerned about the negative impact of mass migrations into the UK on our society and culture, including environmental and social impacts.

Putting the long-term solution aside for one moment, we can all welcome these people into our communities, and we can respond with the great British spirit of volunteer-ism and charity.

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How will country cope with migrants?

The many people who are rushing to donate goods to send to the migrants/refugees are responding to emotive reporting.

I wonder how many of these generous people have complained in the past about “immigrants”. How is it membership of Ukip has increased over the past few months, but now people seem to be willing to let everyone come here. If all these migrants/refugees are accepted into Europe, how will they live?

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Let’s rally to support migrants

Desperate refugees have died in their thousands over the summer trying to escape war and poverty, and while this Tory Government has displayed a callous attitude, many ordinary people have got together across Europe by opening their houses to refugees who have nowhere else to go, they have collected food and other supplies.

This is British people at their best and the last thing we need form David Cameron and his government is to drop bombs on Syria thus exacerbating what is already a human tragedy.

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Europe has moral obligation to do its bit

People have knocked Britain in this crisis for not doing all it can. Another point is the population of this small island (over 62 million).

The population of countries like Switzerland (8,211,700) and Sweden (approx 9 million) is somewhat less.

We should stop beating ourselves up as a nation; we are generous and compassionate and this has been proven so many times. Austria, for example, was quick to say how the emergency was over and we are returning to ‘normality.’

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No room for more migrants

Many millions of words have been written about migration. Millions of people moving across the planet looking for a better life, but it’s sad to say this is one country they will not find it.

It is too small a country to take many more.

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How is yelling insults helping refugees?

Tory MPs are muttering and making ridiculing noises.

We pay them for such behaviour? These MPs just sicken me: people’s lives are at risk, children are dying and Cameron is lying through his teeth about IS as compared with Assad’s regime, who - like our involvement in Iraq - has actually played a part in their creation.

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EU laws on migrants are flawed

It should have been obvious from the start that the EU Laws relating to migrants and asylum seekers applying to stay in their first country of access after leaving their own was flawed.

We are now seeing the results of this in Italy, Greece, Hungary and elsewhere as they seek to travel on and find acceptance in other countries of Europe, including our own.

The problem becomes more serious by the day. However, why should this be just a problem for Europe to solve, when the same thing seem to be happening world wide?

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What is your view on the refugee crisis?

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