Readers have their say over Leeds’s ‘trainer-mad dad’

Trainer collector Jason Oxlee.
Trainer collector Jason Oxlee.
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A trainer-mad dad who has more than 150 pairs of classic Adidas trainers has caused a stir on social media.

Readers flocked to have their say after the YEP reported that Jason Oxlee, 44, from Leeds, has been told by his wife Faye: “It’s them or me.”

The Leeds United fan from New Farnley has at least 50 pairs under the bed and around 80 pairs stashed in the loft, with another 20 stuffed in nooks and crannies around the house.

Read more about his story here.

Dave Madcasfan Stephenson said: “A man can never have enough trainers.”

Kirsty Law said: “Sounds more like an addiction than a hobby.”

Jay Stenholm said: “I’ll buy them off him, I’ve got a bigger spare room and a wife who supports my addiction.”

Gaynor Purvis said: “A collection to be proud of pal.”

Andy Smyth said: “No brainer..Trainers all the time.”

Linda Sellers said: “So what, some women probably own more footwear than his collection of trainers.”

On Twitter, @ephemeraljoy said: “My wife shares her pain. I share his, from trainers to football club.”

@cathihall said: “My hubby’s exactly the same.”