Ramadan appeal to help poorly children like Esa, 3

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Brave three-year-old Esa Khan is in hospital awaiting a heart transplant after being rushed to a specialist unit when he fell ill.

He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy by medics at the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, and is among patients whose stay in hospital is being made easier thanks to a charity which has made an urgent fundraising appeal during Ramadan.

Esa’s parents, who live in Bradford, have been able to stay close to their poorly son in accommodation paid for with cash raised by the Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF).

Esa, who has been on a ward and in intensive care at the unit at Leeds General Infirmary for nine weeks, has also enjoyed playing with toys provided by the charity, looking at the fish tank and watching an interactive TV.

Along with accommodation and extra facilities to help children like Esa and their families, CHSF fundraising pays for vital medical equipment at the unit.

But the charity, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary year, can only continue the support if more funds are raised.

CHSF trustee Hanif Malik said: “Ramadan is partly a period of reflection for those less fortunate than us and the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund is a crucial and life-giving support for poorly children from the Muslim community. Our Islamic principles encourage us to support such worthy causes, so please donate generously to give them the best chance at a full and happy life.”

Last month, a campaign launched by CHSF to raise cash to upgrade hospital facilities for young people with heart problems reached its £500,000 fundraising target. The new theatre at LGI will offer life-saving surgery to babies and children with congenital heart disease.