Racist Leeds attacker injures children

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A man has been jailed for a racial attack on a family in the street when he threw stones injuring their three children.

Then while on bail for that incident Nathan Holmes chased a woman with a stick calling her a racist term.

He later told police: “I’m not racist but there is only one race. If it’s not white, it’s not right.”

Prosecutor Richard Clews told Leeds Crown Court the first incident happened on May 6 when Holmes accosted a couple of Afro-Caribbean appearance in Clifton Grove, Harehills as took their children to catch a bus.

He shouted abuse saying: “You come here to steal money from my country.”

The scared mother told him to stop because of the children but he continued and threw a mobile phone at her partner who ducked and it missed.

Before they could call the police Holmes started throwing stones, the size of adult fists, towards them, which hit the three children. Mr Clews said the two-year-old in a push chair was left with a lump on the head, their six-year-old son was bruised on his leg and his eight-year-old sister had a bruised knee.

The father, who was also hit on the back, could see their attacker appeared to have a knife in his clothes as well but chased him away. When the police arrested Holmes he said he was on medication: “I thought they were being racial, I didn’t mean to hurt the kiddies.” He said it was bricks he had thrown and had told them: “You shouldn’t be in our country, this is not Africa. Go back to Africa.”

While on bail, on June 7, he chased and terrified a woman who was waiting for her boyfriend to come home, calling her names.

Stephen Smithson, mitigating, said Holmes had grown up in the multi-racial community of Harehills and had never behaved in this way before. He had previously been subjected to a serious assault by someone of Afro-Caribbean origin which may have had some influence. A psychiatric report also speculated he was in a paranoid state at the time.

Holmes, 23, of Clifton Mount, Harehills admitted four offences of racially aggravated common assault, having an offensive weapon and racially aggravated threatening behaviour.

Jailing him 18 months Judge James Spencer QC said he had terrorised his victims purely because of their race. “That kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated.”

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