Rachel is a prime example of why we love our NHS

YEP says: Nurse Rachel is a prime example of why We Love our NHS

Saturday, 10th March 2018, 4:07 am

When the YEP began its We Love our NHS we did so because we all had our own experiences of the health service, whether it was ourselves or our friends or relatives, and we knew that no matter how much stick the NHS got, the staff themselves always came in for praise.

Working in the modern NHS can sometimes be a thankless task, but we want to say thank you.

How many people would say the same as Rachel in their line of work?

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People like her are not just doing a job, they are dedicating their lives to something.

Throughout the recent wintry spells, with traffic and transport disrupted by snow, ice or high winds, there have been stories of nursing staff doing everything they can to get to work or to get to see their patients.

They’ve stayed overnight in hospitals, volunteering for extra shifts and walking miles.

Rachel was one of them - she lives in Bradford and wasn’t able to travel to the Leeds so instead ut out messages on social media asking if anyone nearby needed nursing care.

Community nurses are more than medical nurses, they are a social service too.

Rachel, and those like her, deserve a huge thank you.