Quarter of over 45s without neighbour to call on for help, says survey

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One in four people over the age of 45 does not have a neighbour they can call on for a favour or help, a study shows.

Research by the Co-op revealed that even younger people do not have neighbourly support, with one in six under 35-year-olds not having someone living locally they could ask for a favour.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that a parcel delivery is now the main reason someone calls on the person living next door to ask a favour.

Sheffield was said to be the most neighbourly city, followed by Norwich, Nottingham, Edinburgh and Birmingham. Leeds is ninth on the list.

Rufus Olins, of the Co-op, said: “Having neighbours that you can turn to, whether that’s to take in a parcel, borrow some milk or just for a chat, is so important.

“We all want to feel part of a community and know that someone is there to help a hand.

“This research shows that we have much to do to improve our neighbourly spirit and foster that sense of community.”