Pub review: The Fenton, Woodhouse, Leeds

LAST ORDERS: The Fenton on Woodhouse Lane is open until 2am on Friday and Saturday.
LAST ORDERS: The Fenton on Woodhouse Lane is open until 2am on Friday and Saturday.
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I’ll be honest with you, by the time we reached The Fenton, we were a little worse for wear... I had just completed (let’s say a large part) of the Otley Run.

Being mostly over 40, our group (no, it wasn’t just a solo attempt) decided to declare it pretty much ‘job done’ by the time we reached The Original Oak (and we stayed in there for two pints in any case, so that has to count for something).

From the aforementioned pub (which was the subject of this column last week), we took a rather expensive taxi (£15.50 – don’t ask) to The Dry Dock, where we remained for a couple more easy going pints.

But by the time we finished, the night was still young and so a few of us decided to chance our arm with one more establishment and that happened to be The Fenton.

My usual beady eye for pealing wallpaper and cracked floor tiles had been switched off by that point, but I do recall the important stuff: that this was a most intriguing, welcoming pub.

It’s a short walk along from the Dry Dock along Woodhouse Lane. A former Tetley pub, the owners are clearly proud of its heritage. Indeed, it’s almost as though the past shakes your hand and wishes you well on the way in, with deeply polished wooden bar surround and panelled siderooms.

The place is wreathed in history. The welcome from the bar staff was warm, friendly and assured.

At the bar you can expect to find Northern Monk’s Eternal (4.1 per cent), the curiously named Love Over Gold (another 4.1 per center) and Abbeydale Brewery’s imposing Salvation (4.7 per cent) to mention but three.

I went for a pint of Eternal and found it almost refreshing. Whereas some lagers can almost finish you off after a bar crawl, this one was positively uplifting, with sweet, fruity undertones and a nice light character.

It’s meant to be a sessionable IPA, after all.

Indeed, if that term translates to pubs, then it certainly applies to The Fenton.

There’s a nice little beer garden/yard out the back here, with enough space for a couple of tables and plenty of standing room and although there’s not much to see in terms of views (unless you count the gigantic crane overhead), it’s a decent place to just be outside and have a chat.

I liked The Fenton. It was our final stop of the night before we each headed our separate ways but the next time we decide to recapture our lost youth, I might decide to start off here and who knows, it’s so welcoming, the atmosphere so laid back, that we might end up staying for more than a couple.

There’s a lot to be said for old world charm and The Fenton has that in buckets, while at the same time managing to keep up with the latest in beers. Well worth a trip.