Property Ladder star helps Yorkshire beat sewage fears

TV property expert Sarah Beeney is to spearhead a campaign to help Yorkshire householders prevent their homes being flood with sewage.

Yorkshire Water says thousands of blockages lead to sewage backing up into people's homes because they put the wrong things down toilets and sinks.

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Make-up and baby wipes, sanitary items put down toilets, and fat poured down sinks can all lead to blocked pipes and back-up of waste.

Out of 18,000 blockages dealt with by Yorkshire Water last year, more than 6,600 were caused by householders.

The Yorkshire Water campaign headed by Sarah Beeney is entitled "Doing the Dirty."

She said: "Whilst filming programmes I have come across problems caused by residents who have been happily pouring things like that down their sink without realising the real problems that they could cause to their homes.

"This is why this campaign is so important.

"People need to realise that their toilets and sinks are not designed to take away this type of material. If they continue to dispose of things in this way they risk causing sometimes devastating damage to their property,"

To launch the campaign the mum-of-four stood in a re-constructed bathroom and kitchen, made in studios in Kirkstall road.

The 'room' was then filled with the contents of an overflowed toilet and sink.

She said: "It's hoped that by showing customers what can happen when they keep pouring fat down the sink or shoving wipes down the toilet, may help them think twice before doing it again."

Yorkshire Water said it will spend 180m in the next five years to reduce the risk of sewer flooding from both inside and outside people's homes.

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