Pot luck for Damson, a Leeds puppy in distress

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Little Damson the Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy didn’t have the best start to life.

At just three months old, she was found abandoned, tied to a lamppost and suffering from a broken leg.

But now Damson, who was discovered in Morley, is no longer in distress - having found her forever home, thanks to the Dogs Trust.

Her new owners, Mark Parry and Michelle Ingall, have given her a fresh start and now the loveable pup is “really part of the family”.

Mark, 47, from Halifax said: “We wanted to rescue a dog and give one a second chance, not buy one from a breeder, so we went to the Dogs Trust Leeds Rehoming Centre.

“Unfortunately, there were no dogs to fit our lifestyle at the centre that day.

“We came home feeling quite dejected but then we got a phone call from Dogs Trust saying that they had a Staffie puppy who needed a home.

“It was a no brainer.”

Damson is now well on the mend after having an operation to fix her leg.

Now, she’s settled into her new home - and has even tried to make friends with the family cat, Geanie.

Mark said: “She just wants to play, but the cat isn’t sure. Damson’s such a pleasant dog - but she chews all her toys!

“She just loves her cuddles, and will always curl up on me.

“She’s made quite an impact on our family already.”

Amanda Sands, rehoming centre manager, said: “It was a dreadful situation.

“The poor thing had been left tied to a lamppost just with her bed and was obviously in a lot of pain.

“We have no idea how she came to be injured but thankfully the operation was a success and so we were able to start looking for a new home for her.

“We weren’t surprised when she stole someone’s heart within a matter of days!”