Poster boy charity's ad blitz

A Christian charity is running a thought-provoking advertising campaign during this year's festive period.

Posters featuring a mocked-up scan of an unborn baby with a halo will appear on hundreds of billboards nationwide until December 27.

The posters carry the slogan "He's on His way - Christmas starts with Christ".

Other adverts on national and local radio will use an airport information announcement and an answering machine message to give the nativity story a modern twist.

The campaign has been organised by the ChurchAds.Net charity, which says it wants to remind people of the true meaning of Christmas.

Spokesman Francis Goodwin said: "The adverts have a powerful image with eight words that manage to communicate the unique combination of humanity and divinity that Jesus represents.

"This is a celebration of his birth and our objectives are simply to help people focus on the Christian message and the story of the nativity."

27 October 2017.
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