Postcode protesters make their next move

POSTCODE protesters are stepping up their campaign to move from Bradford to Leeds.

Around 220 households in the Sunnybanks area between Thornbury and Pudsey are trying to get their postcode changed from a BD3 one to the Pudsey LS28, and they have now sought the help of Pudsey MP Paul Truswell.

Their case is based on the fact that the postcoding means they are treated by some services, such as ambulance, other NHS services and the council as living in Bradford, when they are in fact Leeds MDC residents and council tax payers, and look to Leeds for their services.

Locals say they have sky-high insurance premiums because of the Bradford postcode and have problems with the emergency services.

Even though they have a Bradford postcode, the area comes under the jurisdiction of Leeds City Council.

They pay council tax to Leeds and are covered by Pudsey police, fire and ambulance services.

But whenever problems arise, the authorities argue about which area the estate is covered by.

The local postcode action committee has held a meeting with Mr Truswell and Pudsey councillor, Mick Coulson, to discuss the change of postcode and other problems which affect the area. Both have agreed to give their help and support.


Action Committee spokesman Brian Wooley said: “Of the 95 per cent of the area’s residents we were able to contact and ask to support the petition, 97 per cent supported it.

“We realise we have a difficult aim to achieve.

“We discussed ways of giving more weight to our campaign. We have circulated a questionnaire to local residents asking whether they have experienced or are experiencing problems, with health, education, DSS, council services etc.

“We already have some examples of this.

“We are hoping to obtain the support of the Community Involvement Team and Leeds City Council.”

He added a petition had been presented to Leeds City Council asking for their help.

So far Consignia, the new name for the Post Office, has ruled out a switch.

A spokesman said: “Postal addresses are used for routing mail. The geographical identification we use does not follow council boundaries. We only change postcodes if there are no more post codes to give to homes and businesses.

“How postcodes are used by other organisations is out of our control – they are used by us to improve and maintain the quality of our service.”


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