Poorly Leeds pup back on feet

Soldier the dog after has fur was shaved.
Soldier the dog after has fur was shaved.
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A dog with his ear and leg fur matted together was found wandering the streets of Leeds in one of the worst cases the RSPCA said they have seen.

The dog, thought to be an Ihasa apso aged around six years old, was picked up on Broadlea Road by dog warden Harriet Chaplin on June 3. She said he was likely to have been dumped in the area or had come from a home nearby.

“The matts were so bad they were pulling his skin off around the eye and his front leg was matted to his ear,” she said.

The dog, who the RSPCA have named Soldier, had to be anaesthetised so staff could shave his fur. He is now living with a foster carer and is getting treatment for his eyes.