POLL: If the EU referendum was held again today, how would you vote?

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With Theresa May due to trigger Article 50 and formally commence Brexit negotiations tomorrow, take part in our online poll and let us know how you would vote in an EU referendum nine months on.

The Yorkshire Evening Post has launched a poll asking readers ‘How would you vote in a second EU referendum?’, with results to be announced in tomorrow’s edition.

In the last year’s referendum, the result in Leeds was one of the closest in the country, with 50.3% of voters choosing to stay in the EU.

While neighbouring Harrogate and York also backed Remain, in the Yorkshire & Humber region as a whole 57.7% backed leave, with areas such as Bradford and Wakefield voting for Brexit.

When the final votes were counted, 51.89% of those who took part in the referendum voted to leave the EU, with a turnout of 72.21%.