Your say: Leeds trolleybus scheme is thrown out

Today's announcement that the Leeds trolleybus scheme has been thrown out is today's hot topic.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 1:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2016, 2:40 pm
Readers have had their say after the Leeds trolleybus project was blocked.

There's only one talking point in Leeds today - the rejection of the Leeds trolleybus scheme - and readers have had their say on the announcement on Facebook, Twitter and on our website.

Many of those who commented were glad to see the back of the scheme. James Jim Bob Sawyer posted on Facebook: "It's ridiculous how much money has been wasted over that last 15+ years on all the plans for the trolleybus and supertram schemes.. all that money could've been invested into improving the current transport infrastructure instead of wasted on proposed plans that were inevitably going to fail."

Mark Vine added: "About time it was shelved. If they're gonna do it properly, trams are the only sure way of doing it. End of."

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Maureen Fletcher said: "Well nobody could ever say that was a hasty decision ... lost count of how many years this has been dragging along. Not that it was ever gonna go ahead. Bit tedious though, because now they'll have to find something else to waste good money on."

Andrew Lawson is concerned about the cost of the scheme. He wrote: "Good. How much money has labour wasted on this though?" and Danny Hudson agreed: "Leeds City council - again overspending and not committing to a decent public transport system. Bunch of middle-aged people spending public money and unable to make a decision. As the previous comment raised 3rd largest city in uk. With the worst public transport infrastructure. The airport is a joke !!

"This city is in the dark ages ... It's an embarrassment." Michael Thackray said: "Good it was a waste of money," while Geraldine Shepherd stated: "I am 56 and there has been talk of this as long as I remember.... I think the disruption to the City Centre would be immense and the money would be better spent on improving the existing public transport we have, buses and trains!"

However, other readers were more willing to give the scheme a chance. Jennifer Freeman said: "It works well in other places. I was in Manchester earlier this year and I have to say they are much quicker than buses and actually arrive when it says there going to. Such a shame that Leeds is not going to get them." And Chris Haunted Wilko added: "In the old days there have trolleybus in Leeds and through Middleton so why there can not use them again?"

Commenting as pyramar, one web reader said: "The only surprise is why it took so long to reject such a barmy scheme. The business community in Leeds could see this was fatally flawed from Book One, Chapter One, Page One."

While user Build it Leeds posted: "I have to confess to not being a fan of the trolley bus idea and i am not sorry it fell through.

Leeds as a City does require a rapid transit system and a tram is still the best way forward! the tram should have been built years ago but what has come the norm for Leeds is the continued lack of investment, we as a major City in the north Leeds should have investment and development and not be ignored like the lower class cousin to our neighbours in Manchester and Sheffield."

Finally, web commenter Dongle wrote: "Fantastic news, the right decision. Having listened to the evidence at the public inquiry there could not have been any other decision Now, Leeds City Council should get on with making the simple cost-effective measures that could rapidly improve public transport on the A660 corridor ie selective extension of the bus lanes and enforcement of taxis an other vehicles using/parking in them, adjusting traffic lights eg removal of filters that delay buses, and ensuring that First reduces cash ticketing that lengthens boarding times."