Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Kirkstall

A clean-up operation in Kirkstall after the 2015 floods
A clean-up operation in Kirkstall after the 2015 floods
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Amin, Amaad Mohammed - Conservative Party

Bithell, Hannah Louise - Labour Party

Frank. Maria Anne - Liberal Democrats

Goldthorp. Ben - Green Party

Illingworth, John Anthony - Labour Party

Kenrick-Bailey, Liam Michael - Conservative Party

Nicolaou, Eleni - Conservative Party

Venner, Fiona Elizabeth – Labour Party


Kirkstall ward is located in the inner west area and includes Burley, Hawksworth and Kirkstall itself.

With 22,600 resident at last official count, the ward is the fifth smallest and the 15th least populated of the 33 electoral wards in Leeds.

Resilience is a word that has defined Kirkstall over the last few years.

It was hit hard by the devastating Boxing Day floods of 2015, and has been recovering ever since.

The popular Kirkstall Festival - which is organised by volunteers and attracts crowds of 25,000 or more - is a prime example of the collective good spirit.

It’s one of the most diverse wards in the city in terms of economic factors. Housing is the biggest concern by far, with significant chunks of social housing in the Hawksworth, Queens, Gilberts and other areas. With a large student population too - the ward sits next to the Headingley/Hyde Park heartland - there is a large number of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) which can bring with them associated concerns about maintenance and rogue landlords.

The ward is a long and thin one, meaning it cuts through a lot of different demographic areas.

So you have families in one part, students in another, and young professionals concentrated in the bustling centre of the ward near the landmark Kirkstall Abbey. You also have the large houses in the more affluent Morris Lane side.

Hawksworth Wood is one of the most economically deprived parts of the city and has many of the challenges of an inner city area.

Other issues of concern to voters are ongoing congestion problems on the A65 corridor, parking and the associated air pollution issues.

The arrival of the Kirkstall Forge development has given the ward a huge boost, and the new rail station has been welcomed. However it was felt services were not regular enough and changes are imminent.

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