Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Horsforth

Town Street, Horsforth. PIC: YPN
Town Street, Horsforth. PIC: YPN
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Bethesda, Nathalie Ann - Labour Party

Collins, Dawn Julia - Conservative Party

Dowling, Simon Mark - Liberal Democrats

Garvani, John - Labour Party

Heaviside, Becky - Liberal Democrats

Read, Christopher Michael - Lib Dems

Shemilt, Jackie - Conservative Party

Sloan, Briony Ann - Labour Party

Taylor, Jonathon David - Conservative Party

Tomes, Caroline - Green Party - Save Our Green Space


What can politicians do for the area that seemingly has everything?

Horsforth is widely considered one of the des res parts of Leeds with good links into the city centre, great schools and a thriving population. It has a plethora of pubs and trendy cafes, a university college feeding into an already healthy local economy, and better public transport links than many areas of the city, with easy distance to Leeds/Bradford airport, and good bus and train links into the city centre.

It’s not without its traffic issues though, sitting as it does on the busy A65 corridor. In fact, traffic congestion, specifically on the main Horsforth A65 roundabout, is probably the biggest concern for locals.

It all started in 2015, when traffic signals were installed at the A65 New Road Side / A6120 Ring Road, Horsforth Roundabout junction, a long-standing congestion and accident risk hotspot.

In recent months, following a monitoring survey, it has been decide that although the flow of traffic has improved, as has pedestrian safety, the exit leading towards Rodley has remained a point of congestion at the busiest times. A revised layout is now being planned for two lanes exiting the roundabout to be merged into one.

It’s not something that has gone down well with everyone.

Brian Cleasby, a local councillor who is standing down from his seat, said the situation had been “complicated” unnecessarily by the addition of the traffic lights and the overall situation was one of “chaos”.

Traffic was getting stuck half way round the roundabout, and queues were backing up a mile.

Other issues of concern include a worry that there is not sufficient community policing in the ward, and a desire to see some of the surrounding Aire Valley developed as a tourist spot or for community woodland rather than earmarked for housing. The need for speed indicator devices to slow traffic in residential streets has also been a talking point in Horsforth in recent months.

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The Lord Mayor and Mayoress

New Lord Mayor of Leeds Coun Graham Latty is handed the chains