What will the government ration first in 2019? The odds on wine, gin and petrol rationing according to Betfair

Wine, gin and petrol could all be rationed in 2019 according to Betfair
Wine, gin and petrol could all be rationed in 2019 according to Betfair
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As talk of stockpiling for Brexit escalates, betting firm Betfair has released this list of the food and drink items most likely to be rationed first in 2019.

According to Betfair, fuel is the most likely thing to be rationed first this year, presumably in the wake of a no-deal Brexit, at just 4/1.

Then milk, olive oil, bread and cheese are next on the list.

-> Firm selling Brexit Boxes of stockpiled food and drinks

Here is the full list: What the UK government will officially ration first in 2019 according to Betfair:

Fuel 4/1

Milk 11/1

Olive Oil 16/1

Bread 16/1

Cheese 18/1

Butter 20/1

Coffee 20/1

Fish 25/1

Tomatoes 25/1

Pork 33/1

White wine 33/1

Red Wine 33/1

Beef 50/1

Gin 50/1

Chicken 66/1

Champagne 125/1

Prosecco 125/1

Mars Bars 150/1

-> This is the government's official advice to stockpiling fears

Google searches for 'What to stockpile for Brexit" have increased by over 5000% in recent days, while searches for 'Brexit survival kit" and "Brexit boxes" are also skyrocketing.

This comes as Yorkshire business leaders say they have seen spike in demand for warehouse space as the region’s businesses stockpile goods.

And rumours have been circulating on social media that medicines will be in short supply with thousands of people sharing a fake flyer which claimed "The government has warned of a major interruption to the supply of medicines" warning people to "brace themselves for a gap in availability of your usual medicine".

When asked for the official advice and guidance, a spokesperson for the Department for Exiting the European Union gave a five word response.

A Government spokesperson said: "People don't need to stockpile."