Wakefield council chiefs’ plea: ‘Help us cut £24m from next budget’

GIVE US A CLUE: Wakefield Town Hall is looking to its citizens to come up with cash-saving ideas.
GIVE US A CLUE: Wakefield Town Hall is looking to its citizens to come up with cash-saving ideas.
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Cash-strapped Wakefield Council chiefs are urging residents to voice their opinions on which services the authority should cut.

An online web consultation tool called ‘YouChoose’ gives residents the opportunity to choose which services they think should lose out as the council prepares to shape its budget for the next two years.

A council spokesman said: “With savings of almost £70m needed to be made over the next four years on top of more than £40m of savings already made, the council is facing some tough decisions and is asking the public what their priorities are. In 2013/14 the council has to save more than £24m.”

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A total of 360 people have completed the on-line ‘YouChoose’ survey, which will be available until Friday December 14.

Participants are asked to drag sliders up or down to increase of decrease budgets for a range of council services, including children’s services and education.

Wakefield Council leader, Coun Peter Box, said the council faces tough financial challenges due to government funding cuts.

He added: “We will continue to provide essential services the best we can, and will continue to invest in the future.

“But we would like to know what you think our spending priorities should be. People can give their views using a new web based consultation tool called ‘YouChoose.’

“As part of the budget setting exercise, you can decide how to save the £24m needed.

“This will show you the impact of any decisions that are made to reduce the amount of money spent on certain services. Residents’ views will be used to help decide which services are provided and how they are provided.”

To complete the online survey, visit http://youchoose.yougov.com/Wakefield/

Date: 3rd January 2018.
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