Three flats shut down in Leeds over anti-social behaviour in a city first

Coun Mark Dobson with vans used by the Leeds Anti Social Behaviour Team
Coun Mark Dobson with vans used by the Leeds Anti Social Behaviour Team
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Chaos-causing council tenants have been evicted in an unprecedented hat-trick of flat closures after a flood of complaints about drunken behaviour, fighting and intimidation.


Paul Jarrett, 50, John Jarrett, 52, and Jason Wager, 49, are banned from returning to the properties in Seacroft for three months after closure orders were issued by Leeds Magistrates’ Court.

It is the first time three properties in the city have been shut simultaneously.

The court heard Wager, of Brooklands Towers, and the other two, who had separate flats at Seacroft Gate, would regularly congregate to get drunk.

Their rowdy, aggressive behaviour made life a misery for other residents.

John Jarrett was already subject to an anti-social behaviour order, which he had repeatedly breached by being drunk and abusive to members of the public.

The closure orders were issued after action by the Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team (LASBT), Leeds City’s Council’s housing team and West Yorkshire Police.The three men were told they would only be allowed back for pre-arranged supervised access to retrieve their belongings.

Coun Mark Dobson, Leeds City Council’s executive board member with responsibility for Safer Leeds said: “Their behaviour was completely unacceptable and I hope that in securing these closure orders it sends out a clear message to others who think they have the right to make the lives of other people a misery in this way that it will not be tolerated, and all tools at our disposal will be used to stop it. I would urge anyone who is suffering from any type of anti-social behaviour to contact our dedicated LASBT team immediately.”

Superintendent Sam Millar, who heads Safer Leeds, added: “The quality of life of local residents was being really badly affected by the behaviour of tenants at these flats in Seacroft, and it is good news that by working with closely with partners, we been able to take firm action through the courts.”