Shocking toll of booze and guns on Leeds

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THE guns, drinks and drugs that overwhelm Leeds hospitals are today revealed.

In one year alone medics dealt with more than 100 of cases of firearms in juries, while thousands swamped hospitals with alcohol poisoning.

In Leeds the problem was at its worse, with 1,548 adults taken to hospital for drinking too much. Worryingly, another 31 children were also hospitalised drunk.

The latest gun figures show 101 firearms injuries across Yorkshire, with 13 Leeds cases among the highest in the region.

Those figures have prompted a renewed calls for gun controls from Labour.

Shadow home Secretary Yvette Cooper said the figures convinced her the party was right to be pushing for a new look at gun ownership.

The Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford MP said it was ridiculous to claim gun laws were strict enough when it cost less to get a rifle license than it does to get a fishing license.

She added: “The Prime Minister stopped the police increasing the cost of gun licences, even though they are currently cheaper than fishing licences. Subsidising gun licenses sends out the wrong signal.”

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