Pregnant teenager’s fury at Leeds bedsit misery

Naiomi Anderson.
Naiomi Anderson.
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Plug sockets that spark, water gushing through the ceiling and no cooker.

This is the bedsit that Naiomi Anderson, who is eight months pregnant, was given by Leeds Housing Options – a service run by Leeds City Council that helps those who need housing.

Naiomi, 19, says she has not been able to cook a meal in the flat on Strathmore Street, Harehills, since she moved in last October. And despite complaining, she was told the property was “adequate”.

But after the YEP made inquiries, she was moved up the housing priority list.

A Leeds City Council spokeswoman said: “We have reviewed Ms Anderson’s [case] and have increased her need to the top band on our priority housing list.

“We apologise this decision was not made in the first place, but Ms Anderson’s prospects for being re-housed have now been greatly improved.”

Naiomi said: “I wouldn’t be able to bring up a baby here. There’s no place to put a cot.

“There’s been three floods in the past four weeks. Water came streaming out of the ceiling and soaked all of our baby stuff. We had to find a replacement pram and all the baby clothes got ruined and so did most of our clothes but we couldn’t use the washer because of the leak.

“The water coming down was putrid and filthy and now there’s black damp all over the walls, which would be bad for the baby.

“The plug socket sparked as well because there was water in it.

“It looks like the roof could just fall down any minute. It’s horrible.

“There’s no lock on the door to the bathroom, which anyone can get in to. I was in the bath and the next minute someone had kicked the door in.

“When I went to Leeds Housing Options they told me I was adequately housed.”

Naiomi lives in the bedsit with her 21-year-old partner. She added: “I’m terrified as it is and to think I will be stuck in this place is even worse.”

Mum-in-law Carol Freeman, 43, said: “The ceiling is hanging on by wallpaper.

“The most serious thing is that there is no fire escape and no manual fire alarm. The house is failing in a number of ways.”

PIC: Simon Hulme

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