Police release e-fit image after attempted robbery in Leeds

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POLICE have released an e-fit of one two men who tried to snatch a motorist’s car keys during an attempted robbery in the Hyde Park area of Leeds.

The incident happened in the car park next to Holborn Towers on Shay Street, Leeds at around 6pm on Thursday March 19.

The victim was driving his car when he was approached by two men who gestured for him to stop.

One of the men tried to enter into conversation with the victim before trying to pull the keys from the car’s ignition.

The victim then tried to stop him but was then hit by the man, who tried again to pull the keys from the ignition.

The two men then made off towards the Londis store on Woodhouse Street.

One of the attempted robbers was white, the other was black.

Call Det Cons Charles Maloney of Leeds Police with information on 101.