New Leeds MP sets out mission

Morley and Outwood's new Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns. PIC: Tony Johnson
Morley and Outwood's new Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns. PIC: Tony Johnson
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THE WoMAN who defeated Ed Balls has had her first show down with party whips as she sets out on her career in parliament.

Andrea Jenkyns, the new Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood, provided the Tories with an unexpected boost on election night when she defeated the shadow chancellor

Now she has made it clear that she is not the sort of politician who sees herself been pushed around by party whips, and spoke of her mission to toughen up health standards.

Ms Jenkyns was inspired to enter politics after her father died from a hospital acquired MRSA infection, the result of a routine procedure going wrong in 2011.

The MP, who lives with her two Mini Schnauzer dogs called Lady and Godiva, said that while she wanted to tackle the reporting of hospital infections, she is far from a single issue MP.

She said: “What type of Conservative am I? Fiscally, economically very Conservative.

“But then on issues of animal rights I’m more to the left I think, I take animal rights quite seriously, I’m a vegetarian, I am against the badger cull.”

That commitment could well see her vote against her own party on some occasions, with one difficult conversation already taking place with the whips office.

The former teacher added: “I’m against fox hunting. I have already told the whips this, and that I would vote against repealing the ban, in my first meeting with them. I’m more liberal on those things.

“You have to vote with your conscience. If you sit on the fence on something you are not passionate about then you look to the electorate for guidance.”