Neighbours in ‘end it’ plea over nuisance Leeds house

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NEIGHBOURS of a house which was built in 2005 without proper planning permission - and whose owners have faced a string of fines and costs in the interim - are demanding it be demolished.

The four-bedroom house in The Drive, Cross Gates, has been at the centre of almost a decade of to-ing and fro-ing with the council’s planning department.

Leeds City Council planning chiefs admit the owners have continually flouted planning laws by extending the building, and then refusing to comply with retrospective planning permission.

Crossgates and Whinmoor ward councillor Peter Gruen, who is also the council’s chief cabinet spokesman for planning matters, said the owners had previously been fined £2,500 in the magistrates’ court and were ordered to pay £10,000 towards council costs. The most recent decision by the council’s North and West Plans Panel has again refused to allow a building larger than the one originally agreed in 2005.

Coun Gruen said he hopes that this decision will be respected by the property owner, who will have to undertake works to ensure the building complies with the original planning application.

“All parties should accept that this decision is the end of the matter,” he said. “Any further appeals or new applications will just not be acceptable to local people, who have had to live with an unauthorised extension for many years.

“I absolutely support local residents, who have put up with enough uncertainty about this matter. I want to see the owner undertake works take place to put this matter right sooner rather than later.”

A recent report to the plans panel rejected a new part-retrospective application for the house.

The report said the existing building was “unauthorised”, and had already been refused planning permission and dismissed at appeal due to “the harm it has on surrounding residents’ living conditions”.

The latest application attracted 31 letters of objection, with the key points being that the original building was erected without permission, and should be demolished. Other comments, detailed in the planning officer’s report, include that neighbours “have been objecting for seven years” and “it’s time to end it.”

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