Model politician: Yorkshire MP's Lego alter-ego launches social media account

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A Yorkshire MP is offering a new model for politicians' social media accounts - by posting pictures of his own Lego alter-ego at work in his constituency.

Stuart Andrew, Conservative MP for Pudsey, has seemingly found a new audience thanks to the imaginative photography showing 'Stuart Legodrew' posted online.

The images taken by his friend and photographer Nikki Powell show the Lego character recreating the Welsh Minister and junior government whip's work in his local constituency and at Westminster.

One shows 'Stuart Legodrew' discussing a possible change of postcode for part of his Pudsey constituency with Royal Mail, while another shows him meeting Transport Minister Jo Johnson at Kirkstall Forge station.

Mr Andrew, 46, who has been Pudsey MP since 2010, has been posting the images on his own Twitter account this week. He told The Yorkshire Post: "It was quite amusing and hopefully brings some attention to Nikki as well.

"She has been doing MPs' photos around Parliament and following some MPs in her constituency.

"She has just been having a lot of fun with it but people are coming up to me and saying 'I have seen your Lego thing'. It is an ingenious way of highlighting some of the stuff I am doing.

"I think sometimes we do take ourselves too seriously. If you have a new, ingenious way of getting issues across then why not do it? The response has been quite remarkable.

"I was in the supermarket this afternoon and two people stopped me to say that they have seen it and they love it."

He joked: "I think the Lego character might have more traction in the constituency than I do."

Miss Powell, who is based in Cornwall, uses the Twitter handle @StuartLegodrew for the Lego alter-ego. She said: "I used to take photos of models so I thought to keep it a bit more fun I would take photos of Lego, also because they don't answer back.

"Because Stuart had got the promotion as government whip and Welsh Minister I thought it would be fun to create a little Lego version of him and take photos of him.

"The ideas do come quite easily, I am not in Stuart's constituency so I contact him and ask him what he has been up to, before that I was just doing random ones I thought would be funny.

"People often look at politics as a bad thing and think people are not doing the right thing for them, so this is a good way of showing what MPs do."

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