Minister peels a strip off school mamas in pyjamas

THE Education Secretary has waded into the row on a head teacher's decision to ban parents wearing pyjamas from the school gates.

Monday, 1st February 2016, 4:40 pm
Updated Monday, 1st February 2016, 4:49 pm
Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan

The mother-of-one said she understands mornings can be frantic in busy family households, but wearing a nightie, pyjamas or a onesie is inappropriate and affects school 'standards'.

She said she backs head teacher Kate Chisholm, who hit the headlines when she asked parents to make sure they're dressed before arriving at Skerne Park Academy in Darlington.

She said: "I completely back the head teacher in this. I fully appreciate that getting out the house... you're coordinating children and all the rest of can be really, really tricky in the morning.

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Darlington head teacher Katie Chisholm

"I have this on Fridays. I take my son to football and all the rest of it.

"But I do also think it's not that difficult to get dressed in the morning and it affects the standard really of the school and everything else. I back the head and I don't think pyjamas is suitable attire to drop them off at school, rather than go to bed in."

Ms Chisholm wrote the letter to parents after she noticed an increasing number were escorting children to and from school in their pyjamas and slippers.

She asked that 'day wear' is worn instead for safety reasons, and also to promote children's 'well-being' and to prepare them for adult life.

Darlington head teacher Katie Chisholm

Ms Morgan said school head teachers are free to decide whether to enforce a no-pyjama policy, but those that do, have her full support.

She said: "It's the same issue we had recently on the wearing of the face veil in schools. We an be clear that we think something is not right, but it is down to the individual.

"I have to back - and I do back the head teachers to make those decisions."