Members of Leeds ‘adult’ club are hoping to win when they’re swinging

The building just off Low Road in Hunslet, Leeds , which could be turned into a swingers' club if a planning application is approved.
The building just off Low Road in Hunslet, Leeds , which could be turned into a swingers' club if a planning application is approved.
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A disused garage on a Leeds industrial estate could be turned into a “discreet” swingers’ club, the YEP can reveal.

Plans have been submitted by Isis Health Studios to convert a former car sales garage on Low Road in Hunslet into a “private adult members’ club” offering a “controlled” environment for “like-minded adults to meet and potentially engage in legal sexual activities”.

The company’s planning statement states: “Club members come from all walks of life and include many educated professionals. What members have in common is a desire to explore their sexual desires, often alongside their partner.

“The role of the club is to facilitate this in a discreet, clean, safe and controlled environment where participants can exercise their right to say ‘no thank you’ without explanation and set boundaries that will be respected.”

It says the club will host couples and singles, with entry fees of £25 and £30 respectively, and will run sessions aimed specifically at gay, bisexual, transvestite and transgender members.

No alcohol will be served - although members can bring “a moderate amount” in - as it “impairs judgement and sexual experience and performance”.

The application argues its clients’ wishes “should be catered for in large and diverse cities such as Leeds” and it would help reduce illegal sexual activity in public places.

It states: “If such clubs were not to exist then members would be likely to look for alternative ways to meet like-minded adults and engage with them if they were compatible. All of the alternatives, such as meeting on the internet and then in a public or private place are less controlled and ultimately less safe, particularly for more vulnerable persons.”

The applicants’ business is currently based Macauley Street near the city centre, but needs to move to more disabled-friendly premises and argues the former garage is suitable for its the discreet location.

Documents also state there is no need for a sexual entertainment venue licence as there will be no nudity for the entertainment of an audience. It said: “Should people choose to undertake in adult activities with each other then this takes place in private rooms.”

It proposes the club would be open from 11am to 6pm and 8.30pm to midnight or 2am six days a week, and alternate Saturdays.

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