‘Leedsville’ fear over new homes scheme

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Councillors in Leeds have hit out at a decision by Bradford City Council to allow hundreds of houses to be built close to the border of the two cities.

And now they are calling on Bradford to hand over to Leeds some money which will accrue from the building to help it cope with the impact of the new homes.

Despite strong objections from residents in Menston, councillors in Bradford have approved plans for two housing schemes in the village.

Barratt Homes are to build 173 houses on Derry Hill and Taylor Wimpey will develop up to 135 new homes on Bingley Road.

As part of the schemes, the developers will provide an agreed sum of money – known as a section 106 contribution – to help pay for highway, public transport and other infrastructure improvements associated with the developments and that is designated to go to Bradford.

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Coun Graham Latty (Con, Guiseley and Rawdon) said: “I’m bitterly disappointed by this news. Bradford Council will gain significant contributions from the developers, what is called Section 106 money, to help mitigate the impact of these houses and their residents on local infrastructure.

“Unfortunately for us, the major impact is liable to fall on the resources of Leeds City Council. I think it is only fair that Bradford Council recognises this reality and helps us financially to ensure that these new residents don’t cause total gridlock on our roads, on our trains, in local doctors, dentists and schools and in our shops and supermarkets.

“In essence, we get the pain, Bradford gets the gain.”

Coun Paul Wadsworth (Con, Guiseley and Rawdon) said: “This decision means that Menston, as one local resident put it, is in danger of becoming ‘Leedsville.’ All of the new residents will rely on Leeds for access to their key services and I fear it will be Leeds residents that suffer most as a result of this planning decision.”

He urged Bradford planners to concentrate housing growth in the city centre and added: “Sadly if they do it will most likely be too late for Menston and Leeds will have to suffer as a consequence.”

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