Leeds local election 2011: Results in full

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Adel and Wharfedale

Carter, Les (Con) 4144 Elected

Gill, Nigel (Lab) 1701

Marchant, Paul Richard (Green) 337

Shaw, Christina (Lib Dem) 1758

Wilson-Sharp, Claire (UKIP) 315


Cohen, Dan (Con) 4254 Elected

Hendon, Warren (UKIP) 547

Jackson, Brian (Alliance for Green Socialism) 351

Sian, Katy (Lab) 2827

Ardsley and Robin Hood

Bavage, Katherine (Lib Dem) 360

Beverley, Joanna (English Democrats) 880

Buxton, Robert Charles (Con) 1377

Dunn, Jack (Lab) 2847 Elected

Foster, Karen (UKIP) 384


Burgham, Ross Michael (Con) 901

McKenna, Jim (Lab) 3428 Elected

Morrison, Jane (Green) 748

Pecher, Ruth (Lib Dem) 382

Beeston and Holbeck

Ogilvie, Adam (Lab) 2880 Elected

Smith, David Michael (Green) 308

Swain, Paul (Lib Dem) 245

Winfield, Robert James William (Con) 838

Woodhouse, Wilfrid (UKIP) 425

Bramley and Stanningley

Bisson, Kate Alice (Green) 514

Fossey, Nathan David (Lib Dem) 462

Hanley, Ted (Lab) 3121 Elected

McDowall, Alistair (Con) 1040

Burmantofts and Richmond Hill

Exley, Peter (Green) 356

Hollingsworth, David Ewan (Lib Dem) 1779

Khan, Asghar (Lab) 2515 Elected

Wheeler, Michael Edward John (Con) 226

Calverley and Farsley

Arbuckle, Jude Patrick Joseph (Lib Dem) 685

Hughes, Carol (Lab) 3158

Marjoram, Joseph William (Con) 3568 Elected

Chapel Allerton

Davies, Mike (Alliance for Green Socialism) 502

Myers, David Bernars (Con) 868

Noble, Colin Lindsay (Green) 484

Rafique, Mohammed (Lab) 4121 Elected

Slack, Adam (Lib Dem) 501

City and Hunslet

Aziz, Jahangir (Lib Dem) 1047

Davey, Patrick Gerard (Lab) 3230 Elected

Wharton, Matthew Peter (Con) 877

Crossgates and Whinmoor

Goldthorp, Ben (Green) 253

Grahame, Pauleen (Lab) 3653 Elected

Hennigan, Patrick Damien (Con) 1472

Hudson, David Michael (Ind) 257

Norman, Keith Cecil (Lib Dem) 271

Oddy, Darren Paul (UKIP) 510

Farnley and Wortley

Blackburn, Ann (Green) 2995 Elected

McKenna, Stuart (Lab) 2353

Moore, Philip Harrison (Lib Dem) 199

Oldfield, Caroline Frances (Con) 769

Garforth and Swillington

Dobson, Mark David (Lab) 4906 Elected

Golton, Christine Mavis (Lib Dem) 263

Stephenson, Ryan (Con) 2479

Gipton and Harehills

Greenwood, Beatrice (Con) 462

Hussain, Arif (Lab) 4805 Elected

Iqbal, Azar (Alliance for Green Socialism) 220

Khan, Qadeer (Lib Dem) 506

Guiseley and Rawdon

Avison, Colin Gifford (Green) 529

Cleasby, Cindy (Lib Dem) 778

Gallagher, Andrew James (BNP) 213

King, Mike (Lab) 2853

Wadsworth, Paul (Con) 3276 Elected


Blower, Joshua William (Lab) 1581

Capstick, Patricia (Green) 400

Howell, Sara Karen (Lib Dem) 472

Proctor, Rachael Annis (Con) 5003 Elected


Annesley, Christina (Con) 370

Foren, Christopher Mark (Green) 682

Monaghan, James (Lib Dem) 1098

Morgan, Peter (UKIP) 39

Pattison, Ian (Trade Unionists and Socialists against Cuts) 88

Rudge, David Christopher (Ind) 69

Walshaw, Neil Anthony (Lab) 1536 Elected


Arbuckle, Kate (Lib Dem) 2466

Collins, Dawn Julia (Con) 2680 Elected

Hellyer, Paul (UKIP) 421

Smith, Andrew (Trade Unionists and Socialists against Cuts) 164

Wilkinson, Robert Paul (Lab) 2213

Hyde Park and Woodhouse

Abdul-Ghaffar, Karim (Lib Dem) 688

Harper, Gerry (Lab) 2332 Elected

Malik, Shahrukh (Con) 356

Simpson, Robert (Green) 689

Killingbeck and Seacroft

Binns, Joanne (Lib Dem) 508

Flynn, William Patrick (Con) 847

Morgan, Vonnie (Lab) 3761 Elected

Kippax and Methley

Bagnall, Anne (Lib Dem) 374

Langley, James (Con) 1428

Lewis, James (Lab) 4156 Elected

Spivey, Paul Anthony (UKIP) 609


Illingworth, John (Lab) 3634 Elected

Long, Stuart William (Ind) 157

Lovell, Chris (Lib Dem) 636

Tatchell-Evans, Morgan Rhys (Green) 527

Whitehouse, Daniel Andrew (Con) 680

Middleton Park

Blake, Judith (Lab) 3313 Elected

Fisher, Sadie (Lib Dem) 252

McFarland, James Robert (Con) 679

Meeson, Kevin (BNP) 892


Charlwood, Rebecca (Lab) 3688 Elected

House, Allan Oliver (Alliance for Green Socialism) 381

Lancaster, Brenda (Lib Dem) 2834

Rowlinson, Mark James (Con) 1380

Morley North

Andrews, Peter (Lib Dem) 199

Gettings, Bob (Morley Borough Independents) 3642 Elected

Ghosh, Robin Nathan (Con) 874

Redmond, Tom (English Democrats Party) 573

Rose, Kathryn (Lab) 1599

Morley South

Beverley, Chris (English Democrats Party) 1245

Dawson, Neil (Lab) 2129 Elected

Grayshon, Terry (Morley Borough Independents) 2076

Hunt, Neil Richard (Con) 736

Jacques, Robert Hugh (Lib Dem) 180

Otley and Yeadon

Campbell, Colin Andrew (Lib Dem) 3185 Elected

Eveleigh, John (Lab) 3026

Francis, Nigel (Con) 2034


Aldiss, Jason Karl (Con) 1987

Banks, Phil (UKIP) 636

Dracup, Irene Glynis (Green) 321

Lewis, Richard Alwyn (Lab) 3669 Elected

Stubbs, Brendan Robert (Lib Dem) 262


Bruce, Karen (Lab) 2889 Elected

Smith, Steve (Lib Dem) 2365

Turner, Louise Jayne (Con) 1018


Christie, Malcolm Scott (Alliance for Green Socialism) 273

Douglas, Adam (Lib Dem) 578

Ellis, Paul Charles (Green) 559

Kendall, Val (Con) 2850

MacNiven, Christine (Lab) 4307 Elected

Temple Newsam

Dowling, Ian George (Lib Dem) 464

Mitchell, Katherine (Lab) 3707 Elected

Schofield, David (Con) 2648


Bentley, Sue (Lib Dem) 2605 Elected

Gruen, Caroline Anne (Lab) 2072

Hemingway, Martin Francis (Green) 596

Oliver, Natalie Claire (Con) 1282

Proctor, Alan Leslie (Ind) 99


Barber, James (Lab) 1945

Bentley, Jonathan Joseph (Lib Dem) 583

Lamb, Alan James (Con) 4524 Elected

Macey, David (UKIP) 497