Leeds car park fees hike will rake in £50,000

Woodhouse Lane multi storey car park
Woodhouse Lane multi storey car park
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Prices at Leeds’s biggest council-run multi storey car park are to be put up - because a reduction in charges last year has proved too successful.

The all-day charge at Woodhouse Lane car park will go up to £5.50 from September 1, a rise from £5.

The hike is expected to rake in a further £50,000 a year in revenues for the authority.

Woodhouse Lane car park is already expected to make £1.3m this year.

The daily price was reduced from £8 to £5 in April 2013, partly to counteract the unpopularity of new weekend and evening parking charges for council-managed on-street spaces.

But competitors’ higher pricing - and massive success at the cheaper rate - has convinced the council it is “sensible” to put prices up.

Bosses say the car park is now regularly full to capacity and income levels have seen a ”massive boost”. They say the daily charge can be increased “without having a detrimental effect on user numbers” and will “improve income”. Any drop in users because of the rise will be “more than offset” by the additional income from those who remain, they say.

There will be an exception for nights when Leeds Arena is staging events, when the £5 rate will remain unchanged.

A newly-approved council report detailing the changes says: “The car park is currently extremely busy, often filled to capacity, and has been so for several months. Competitor pricing is all significantly higher and it is recommended to increase the current daily charge at Woodhouse Lane from £5 to £5.50.”

In his report to bosses, council officer Andrew Mason says the Woodhouse Lane multi-storey car park is “the main multi-storey car park operated by the council and the income derived is...significant”.

“The daily charge was reduced from £8 to £5 to increase trade - this formed part of a package of measures that also looked at better marketing, improved web presence etc,” Mr Mason says.

“The impact of the charge reduction last year plus the other measures has been dramatic. The car park is now regularly full to capacity and income levels have seen a massive boost.

“It is believed that the daily charge can be increased without having a detrimental effect on user numbers and so further improving income. Whilst a price rise may see some patronage reduction it is believed that this will be more than offset by the income derived from each user who remains.”

He stressed it is “difficult to predict the exact financial impact” of the hike but parking bosses felt that “a 50p rise in the daily charge is a sensible one as it still keeps the price charged competitive when compared to other operators”.

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