Five interesting facts about today’s Leeds count

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1. Almost ONE MILLION ballot papers in total were counted at Leeds first direct Arena over Thursday and Friday.

2. Leeds had the biggest postal vote in the country, with 100,890 votes cast this way.

3. There were 500 vote counter working at the arena on Thursday and Friday.

4. Leeds City Council is a real family affair, with several sets of husbands and wives, a brother and sister and even a mother/ father/son holding councillor seats.

5. The special ‘grass skirt’ method of vote counting was used in the Leeds parish and town council elections - which were also held at the same time - because multiple votes were allowed on the same ballot paper.The system involves layering ballot papers on top of one another and lining up the voting areas of the ballots so that only the voting marks can be seen. This forms a ‘grass skirt’ effect and allows the votes to be counted easily.