Extinction Rebellion protesters remove shirts to display climate change messages in Leeds city centre

Extinction Rebellion protesters removed their shirts to display messages about climate change during a protest in Leeds city centre.

Saturday, 17th July 2021, 3:38 pm
Updated Saturday, 17th July 2021, 3:42 pm

It happened at about 1pm outside Leeds Art Gallery in the Headrow on Saturday, July 17.

The women removed their upper clothing in a display to reveal the horrific effects of the climate crisisPhrases painted on their chests included 'Climate Crisis', 'Climate Floods', 'Climate Violence', 'Climate Pandemics' and 'Climate Death'.

A speech was read explaining that their action was designed to recognise International Justice Day.

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Extinction Rebellion protesters painted words about climate change on their chests. Image provided by Extinction Rebellion Leeds.

It was also to draw attention to the fact that extreme weather events and other environmental and political disasters caused by climate change are disproportionately affecting women.

Extinction Rebellion Leeds said: "The climate crisis has claimed too many lives already, and most of those are women.

"International Justice Day marks the importance of standing up and joining the fight to bring justice to the victims of crimes against humanity and genocide.

"We take this action today in solidarity with those in the global south who are suffering now, and urge the government to do more to tackle the climate crisis.

"We must divest from fossil fuels straight away, and work to restore damaged lands and homes of both animals and people."