Election 2015: Stuart Andrew beats off strong challenge to win Pudsey for Tories

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STUART Andrew beat off a second challenge from Labour’s Jamie Hanley to hold on to his Pudsey seat for the Tories and score what he said was a “phenomenal” result.

The Tory managed to almost TRIPLE his winning margin from 2010

Stuart Andrew waves to his supporters. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe

Stuart Andrew waves to his supporters. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe

The Lib Dems, who had run Labour a close third in 2010 with more than 10,000 votes, saw that support slashed to under 2,000.

The turnout in Pudsey was an impressive 72.5 per cent, also up from the last General Election.

A delighted and somewhat shell-shocked Mr Andrew said: “This result is phenomenal, way above my expectations.

“The polls that I had been looking at had put me neck and neck with Labour but on the doorstep I was hearing something very different. People were telling me that they were going to support me and I didn’t know which one to listen to.

“But I’m glad I listened to my heart, to the people who were talking to me on the doorstep.”

Asked why he thought so many people - more than 23,000 - had voted for him, he said “working hard in the constituency” was a major factor, but he also believed the policies

of the Conservatives “have brought results”.

“The economy has grown, and people saw that. I don;t think they wanted to put that at risk,” he said,

He added he was delighted that the Conservatives looked to have secured a majority Government.

“People said that majority Governments were a thing of the past, well I think tonight’s result shows that actually when British people think about it, they will go out and make a firm decision.”