Election 2015: Fabian Hamilton cements hold on Leeds North East seat

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Fabian Hamilton has cemented his hold on his Leeds North East seat, gaining its biggest Labour majority ever.

The popular MP spoke of his love for the “multicultural” constituency after finishing more than 7,000 votes ahead of nearest challenger Conservative Simon Wilson.

Labour's Fabian Hamilton. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe

Labour's Fabian Hamilton. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe

And, despite Labour’s poor showing at the national polls, Mr Hamilton insisted Labour leader Ed Miliband still had his backing.

Celebrating winning his fifth term as MP, Mr Hamilton said: “I have represented this seat for 18 years, and I am so proud of the multicultural nature of north east Leeds - probably the most diverse constituency in the whole of Yorkshire.

“When people from different backgrounds live and work together side-by-side, they learn to get along with each other properly.”

He spoke about his ambition to continue as a constituency MP: “As the MP, I will continue to be available like I always have been. As many of my colleagues do, I always put people before any personal ambitions.”

On the national picture, Mr Hamilton wasn’t so cheery.

“I am terribly disappointed,” he said, “It is hard to understand why the polls have got it so wrong.”

“I say ‘good luck’ to David Cameron, but a Conservative majority government is going to be hard to control.”

He was supportive of Ed Miliband when asked whether the Labour leader should step down.

“It is a decision for us to look at,” he said. “But, if he wants to stay, we will back him all the way. But if he feels he has to step aside we will back him too - but I would be very sad if he did leave.”

It was a bad night for the Lib Dems, as Aqila Choudhry’s vote was almost quartered from 2010 to a meagre 2,569 - being beaten into fourth place by UKIP.

Fabian Hamilton had held the seat since 1997, when he won it from Tory Timothy Kirkhope.

Hamilton was returned to the seat in 2010 with 20,287 votes. More than 4,000 more than nearest challenger Matthew Lobley.