The 26 sites where 1,640 new homes should be built in Pudsey, Stanningley, Farnley and Wortley

More than 1,600 houses are set to be built across outer west Leeds after a new document from Leeds City Council was rubber-stamped this month.

Wednesday, 31st July 2019, 10:09 am
The former Wortley High School site has been listed on the document.

The site allocations plan (SAP) is the city’s new housing master plan, outlining in extensive detail where new homes should be built in Leeds over the coming decade.

Following a year of disagreements, which culminated in an inquiry into the plans, Leeds City Council this month finally rubber-stamped the document.

The SAP is split into 11 “housing characteristic areas”, each with their own proposed sites earmarked for housing and employment development. This article will focus on plans for the so-called “Outer West” area. This covers a large area, with Pudsey, Stanningley, Farnley, Calverley and Farsley, as well as pats of Wortley and Armley.

The former Wortley High School site has been listed on the document.

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As well as housing, the document lists green spaces which should be protected from development.

It is expected that developers will use the SAP as a guide on what they can build in Leeds and whereabouts, while the council claims it will give the city extra protection from “bad developments”.

Sites allocated in the new SAP:

Land at Calverley Cutting, Apperley Bridge (1.1 hectares) – 32 units.

Airedale Mills, Rodley (1.9 hectares) – five units.

Land at Raynville Road, Bramley (0.5 hectares) – 15 units.

Land adjoining Woodhall Road and Gain Lane, Thornbury (7.4 hectares) – 196 units.

Land at Bradford Road / Sunnybank Lane, Pudsey (0.6 hectares) – 22 units.

Land at Daleside Road, Thornbury (3.4 hectares) – 89 units.

Hill Foot Farm, Pudsey (2.7 hectares) – 60 units.

Owlcotes Farm / Owlcotes Gardens, Pudsey (3.3 hectares) – 100 units.

Land at Waterloo Road, Pudsey (1.1 hectares) – 28 units.

Dick Lane, Thornbury (7.5 hectares) – 206 units.

Land off Tyersal Close (0.9 hectares) – 27 units.

Land off Tyersal Road, Pudsey (1.1 hectares) – 33 units.

Land off Tyersal Court, Tyersal (2.9 hectares) – 46 units.

Harper Gate Farm, Tyersal Lane (11.2 hectares) – 283 units.

Land at Station Street, Pudsey (0.5 hectares) – 20 units.

Musgrove House, Crawshaw Road, Pudsey (0.4 hectares) – 14 units.

Edison Business Centre, Ring Road, Bramley (1.8 hectares) – 64 units.

Wortley High School (6.6 hectares) – 40 units.

Land at Upper Wortley Road, Wortley (0.5 hectares) – 18 units.

Leeds City Boys’ pitch, Oldfield Lane, Wortley (1.7 hectares) – 61 units.

Land at Stanningley Road, Leeds (0.6 hectares) – 22 units.

Wood Nook, Pudsey (5.4 hectares) – 60 units.

Stonebride Mills, Farnley (3.6 hectares) – 75 units.

Land at Heights Lane, Armley (0.8 hectares) – 28 units.

Land at Hough Top Court, Pudsey (2.5 hectares) – 76 units.

Land at Waterloo Lane, Leeds (1.2 hectares) – 20 units.

This leaves a total of 1,640 new homes to be built in outer west Leeds in the coming years.

The document also stated that 1.6 hectares of land at Rodley, and 17.8 hectares of land at Kirklees Knowl, Bagley, should be safeguarded from development until at least 2028.

The land off Tyersal Court was deemed suitable for school use, while a new Gypsy and traveller site is proposed on land on the corner of Tong Road and Lakeside Road, Wortley.

A further four sites were also allocated for general employment use:

Land read of Stanningley Field Close, Swinnow (0.5 hectares).

Land at Stanningley Road and Swinnow Road, Pudsey (0.4 hectares).

Expansion of land in Phoenix Way (1.2 hectares).

Wortley Low Mills, Whitehall Road (1.7 hectares).

A further 238 sites were allocated as protected green space.