‘Beacon’ Leeds lap dancing clubs allowed to remain open

The Purple Door
The Purple Door
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Two lap dancing clubs have been given permission to continue to operate after they were described as “beacons” of the trade.

The owners of Purple Door and Liberte, both on York Place in Leeds, faced the annual review of their sexual entertainment venue (SEV) licences today (Tuesday).



It came two years after three clubs were forced to shut when Leeds City Council introduced a new policy limiting the number of such venues which could operate at any time to four.


However, the council’s licensing sub-committee heard there had been no objections to the latest applications by Purple Door or Liberte from police or the public.

Paddy Whur, an experienced licensing lawyer who represented Purple Door at the hearing, told committee members: “It’s the first time I have appeared before you without facing any objections. Those who have objected vociferously previously in this particular location have obviously decided this licence doesn’t cause any offence.”

He added: “These premises have been licensed for this type of organisation for the longest of any in Leeds and haven’t ever caused any difficulty.”

Approving the application, sub-committee chairman Coun Jack Dunn said: “It would be wrong to probe or to find fault where technically, lawfully, there isn’t any.”

He added: “You are the beacon clubs and what we are looking for is that you drive standards up.”

The owners of Liberte were initially reprimanded for presenting the licensing committee with documents suggesting they still had a policy of fining dancers for breaking certain rules – a practice which has been banned by the council.

But their licence was also approved after they insisted the documents were out of date.