11/11/11: Leeds girl with unusual birthday

Olivia celebrates her 11th birthday with a special cake.
Olivia celebrates her 11th birthday with a special cake.
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There’s no doubting Leeds youngster Olivia Macklam’s magic number as she celebrates her birthday today.

Olivia has turned 11 on November 11, 2011 – or, to put it another way, on 11/11/11.

Mum Claire says she only recently twigged that her daughter’s latest birthday would come complete with a special numerical quirk.

But she’s still found time to ensure the celebrations are particularly memorable for Olivia, who goes to Temple Newsam Halton Primary School.

Claire, of Halton, said: “This isn’t going to come round again for her, so we wanted to make the most of it!

“Olivia knows that the combination of the date and her age means this birthday is slightly different.

“It’s a bit of a shame, I suppose, that she wasn’t born at 11 o’clock, that would have been the perfect fit. The actual time, though, was just before half four in the afternoon.”

Referring to today’s Armistice Day events, Claire added: “Olivia realises that, whatever year it is, November 11 isn’t only about her birthday.

“She sees everyone wearing poppies at this time of year and knows all about their meaning.”

Olivia is being treated to a meal out tonight before having a pamper party and sleepover with pals at home tomorrow.

Famous names celebrating 11/11/11 birthdays today include actress Demi Moore, Premiership footballer Kyle Naughton and Wakefield reality TV star Chanelle Hayes.

l The number 11 signifies “inspiration and passion” for numerologists.

One expert, Hertfordshire-based Sonia Ducie, said: “It’s an aspirational number which has extremely uplifting energy.

“We can all feel everything, and light, love and wisdom are the qualities contained inside that energy.”

The number of weddings taking place today is expected to be significantly higher than a normal Friday.

Alister Lynn, owner of the Gretna Green Wedding Bureau which organises weddings in Gretna Green and throughout Scotland, said: “There is very much an obvious increase. On a Friday in November we would usually have four weddings and this Friday we have 25.”

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