Police urged to tackle Leeds street drinkers

Armley Town Street
Armley Town Street
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POLICE are being urged to tackle “intolerable” street drinking in a Leeds suburb and put a stop to residents being subjected to intimidating behaviour.

Police launched an action plan last year to clamp down on street drinking, which has plagued Armley Town Street for a number of years.

Coun Alison Lowe has written to West Yorkshire Police to say the problem has not been eradicated and is calling for further action.

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Coun Lowe said in the letter to police that one Armley shop worker is terrified of standing at a bus stop on Town Street because of large numbers of drinkers who congregate there.

Coun Lowe added: “I have seen these men outside the old Theaker Lane clinic, drinking and smashing bottles in front of the public and being generally intimidating.

“Rachel Reeves MP and Armley councillors have been reporting this anti-social behaviour and nuisance for at least three years now and very little changes. This situation is intolerable and must be resolved.”

Insp Simon Jessup said: “Street drinking and associated anti-social behaviour in Armley Town Street remains a priority issue for us to address.

“The area is covered by a Designated Public Places Order which gives officers the power to confiscate alcohol and issue penalties, but this has only a limited impact on persistent offenders.

“We are working in partnership with Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team to look at longer-term solutions using the latest available legislation to target a number of individuals who have been identified as problematic.

“As part of that work we have been encouraging local businesses to assist us by keeping a record of any related incidents that we can then include as evidence. We have had a relatively limited response and so would encourage local traders to get involved in supporting this work.”