Police to review church security

French police officers at the scene in Normandy.
French police officers at the scene in Normandy.
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CHURCHES and places of worship in Leeds will be encouraged to review security arrangements in the wake of Tuesday‘s attack in Rouen, France.

West Yorkshire Police said it will be contacting religious establishments of all faiths following the terror attack where a priest was killed.

The force said there had been no specific intelligence relating to attacks against the Christian Community but that “recent events” may have made communities more concerned. 

“Terrorist activity is designed to create fear and disharmony within communities,” said Assistant Chief Constable Russ Foster, adding that police patrols are to pay increased attention to church premises. “Attacks such as the one we witnessed yesterday emphasise the need for communities to come together. There is no excuse for hate incidents or crimes.”

Communities across Leeds have spoken out in the wake of recent attacks, with Imam Qari Asim MBE of Makkah Mosque calling on faith communities not to let such acts stand as a division.

“The despicable act of murdering an 86-year-old Catholic Priest, Fr Jacques Hamel, in Normandy, France, is absolutely abhorrent,” he said. “This attack in a place of worship and on innocent worshippers in particular demonstrates that there are no boundaries to the depravity of these murderers.

“In this extremely difficult time for the Catholic community, we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of all faiths and none in defiance of those who look to spread a poisonous and perverted ideology by bloodshed.

“An attack on any place of worship is an attack on way of life of faith communities, and therefore an attack on all of us.”