Police investigation into Leeds house fire death continues

The cause of a fire which claimed the life of an elderly man despite his son's brave rescue bid is not believed to have been suspicious.

Police are still investigating the blaze last Friday lunch-time at the house in Hollin Park Terrace, Fearnville, Leeds, but are not seeking any person in connection with the incident.

It is believed that some form of accelerant had been involved in the fire in which the householder - thought to have been aged in his 80s - died at about 12.30pm.

Fire crews from Gipton Station raced to the mid-terrace council property after being alerted to the fire.

But the man's son - believed to be aged in his 40s - had been alerted to the incident by nearby residents who had heard a smoke alarm sounding at an adjacent home. He had dashed to his father's home in a bid to rescue him.

Fire-fighters finally pulled the pensioner from the building, but it is believed he was found to have died at the scene.

In his vain rescue attempt the man's son suffered the affects of smoke inhalation and was taken to Leeds Infirmary where he was treated.

It is understood that the elderly man lived alone at the address.

Neighbours described how smoke had billowed from the windows of the home and after pulling the pensioner from the home fire-fighters had taken him direct to an awaiting ambulance crew in a bid to save his life.

Police cordoned off the site and erected a forensic tent outside the house as investigations into the cause of the fire were begun.

The identity of the dead man was not immediately released by police.

27 October 2017.
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