Police ‘heroes’ who saved woman’s life in Leeds are recognised for bravery

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Two Leeds police officers have been hailed ‘heroes’ after saving a woman’s life.

Police constables Bally Birdi and Mark Huckle were called to the women’s refuge in north Leeds on April 16 after a woman said she was going to commit suicide.

When they arrived, the woman was locked in her bedroom and they broke in to find her sitting by the window, 30ft above the ground with her legs dangling over the ledge.

She then jumped off before PC Birdi realised she had attached a cord to the window and her neck.

He immediately leaned out of the window and grabbed the woman under her arms.

The pair then worked together to try and lift the woman, who was unconscious and no longer breathing, back into the room.

After bringing her to safety and removing the cord, she began to breathe again.

Now both officers have been awarded with Royal Humane Society Certificates of Commendation in recognition of their bravery.

Today, in addition to the awards they are set to receive, they also won the personal praise of Dick Wilkinson, secretary of the Royal Humane Society.

He said: “They were undoubtedly the heroes of the hour.

“This was an incident where seconds counted.

“Both these officers put themselves at risk leaning out of the window. Either of them could have fallen.

“Thankfully though their team work paid off, they got the woman back into the room and saved a life.”

He added: “They richly deserve the awards that they are to receive.”

The officers will soon be presented with the awards, which were made following a recommendation from West Yorkshire Police.

The Royal Humane Society was founded in 1774 and recognises the bravery of saving someone’s life.

The charity has considered over 86,000 cases and made over 200,000 awards.

For more information, visit www.royalhumanesociety.org.uk.