Police continue clampdown on illegal parking outside Wakefield schools

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POLICE in Wakefield have handed out 20 parking tickets outside 12 schools in the past two weeks during a= clampdown on dangerous parking.

Officers have been patrolling outside schools in areas including Crofton, Eastmoor, Flanshaw, Ossett and Outwood.

Insp Ian Williams said: “This a problem that will not go away, which is why the operation has become a part of daily police business for the Neighbourhood Policing Teams and will continue during term time at the worst affected schools.

“The operation is fluid and dynamic. It is designed to target offenders not prevent offences on the day. This is why we will be arriving unannounced shortly before the start and finish of the school day.

“We are still working with the council road safety team and the schools to educate parents and promote alternative means of transport such as walking busses.

“The combined impact of what we are doing will prevent and reduce this problem, which is not only a danger to children but inconveniences residents.

“From the feedback we are receiving the vast majority of people are supportive of these measures. Most people do respect other people and take safety seriously.

“I would like to thank everyone for their continued support.”


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