Police charge man found unconscious on Leeds street in shocking photo

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Two men will appear in court after a shocking photo of street drinkers lying unconscious on the pavement was taken in Armley.

Police attended Armley Town Street when they spotted the pair apparently passed out on CCTV cameras.

One man was arrested and charged with being drunk and disorderly in a public place, and banned from entering an exclusion zone within Armley until he appears in court.

The other was given medical treatment and a summons to attend court at a later date.

West Yorkshire Police have responded to comments about the increase in incidents of anti-social behaviour in the area, which residents and business owners say are caused by drug addicts and street drinkers.
Sergeant Chris Craven, of the Inner West Neighbourhood Policing Team, said:

“We are very much aware of the issues that a minority of individuals have been causing in the area and the impact this is having on the community.

“We have seen an increase in anti-social behaviour in Town Street in the last two months and we are currently stepping up our work in response to it.

“We will be making use of enforcement notices that clearly set out what will not be tolerated in terms of anti-social behaviour and substance misuse. These also explain that prolific offenders will be referred into support services to address the underlying issues.

“If the notices are not complied with then dispersal orders will be used that ban people from the area for 48 hours. Any breach of these is an arrestable offence.

“Beyond these measures, we will also be working with Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team to compile detailed evidence that can support applications for Criminal Behaviour Orders than can be used to ban people from the area and from behaving unacceptably in public. These also carry a power of arrest.

“We recognise that enforcement action alone cannot address the issues and we will continue to work closely alongside our partner agencies and the third sector to find longer-term solutions.

“We remain firmly committed to doing everything we can alongside our partner agencies to improve the situation.”