Police boss considers tax increase to protect force

The builder has been fined 20,000
The builder has been fined 20,000
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The police and crime commissioner for West Yorkshire has asked the public if they would be willing to accept an increase in council tax to protect frontline policing.

Mark Burns-Williamson said the Government grant for the force this year would mean a further cut of 1.4 per cent, or £4.17m, and said an increase to the police element of council tax could help to offset the difference.

He said: “Protecting visible frontline policing is a key priority for me and is raised by communities very often. By increasing the police element of your council tax by just 1-2p a week, I could help recruit more police officers and further protect PCSO numbers over the next 12 months to keep West Yorkshire safe and feeling safe.

“However, I know finances are tight and before I make any decisions, I want to know what you think.”

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